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Awesome Open Source

The Semicolon

This repository contains the Ipython Notebooks to the Data Analytics youtube tutorials on The Semicolon. The youtube link for the tutorials :

The following Ipython notebooks are available on this repository.

Python for Data Analytics

  1. Learn Python in 10 Minutes
  2. Numpy and Matplotlib Tutorial
  3. Pandas tutorial
  4. Sklearn linear regression
  5. Sklearn Random Forest Classifier
  6. Sklearn dimensionality reduction
  7. Machine Learning with Text Count Vectorizer
  8. Machine Learning with Text TF- IDF
  9. Live Sentiment Analysis
  10. Perceptron And Gradient Descent
  11. Neural Networks and Backpropogation Algorithm
  12. Ensemble Learning

Deep Learning with Keras

  1. Convolutional Neural Networks with Keras
  2. Word2vec implementation in gensim
  3. Simple LSTM implementation with Keras
  4. LSTM implementation details with Keras, Normailzation, Activation, Loss
  5. Chatbot Preprocessing
  6. Chatbot training
  7. Chatbot Chat
  8. Chatbot Trained models:

Apart from this the datasets used are housing.csv, mnist.csv and smsspam

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