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Company Structure

A simple CDUD application representing a company structure.

The application is built using Java 11, Spring Boot 2 and PostgreSQL on the backend, Angular 8 and TypeScript on the frontend, Docker for building and running.


Environment Setup

You need to have Docker to be able to build and run the application.

How to build and run

  1. Build the backend application image

    docker build -t=cs-backend -f Dockerfile.backend .

  2. Build the frontend application image

    docker build -t=cs-frontend -f Dockerfile.frontend .

  3. Create a docker network

    docker network create cs-net

  4. Start the database

    docker run -p 5432:5432 \
      -e POSTGRES_USER=company-structure \
      -e POSTGRES_PASSWORD=company-structure \
      -e POSTGRES_DB=company-structure \
      --name cs-db \
      --net=cs-net \
  5. Start the backend

    docker run --name=cs_backend \
         --net=cs-net \
         -p 8080:8080 \
  6. Start the frontend

    docker run --name=cs_frontend \
         -p 4200:4200 \

The application is accessible on http://localhost:4200.

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