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Rails i18n

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Rails i18n helper for Visual Studio Code


  • Default supported template languages: haml, erb and slim
    • others can be configured by adding the language identifier to the railsI18n.languageIdentifiers setting
  • Shows translation (in configured default locale) when hovering over i18n keys

alt text

  • Provides autocompletion when typing i18n keys

alt text

  • Supports multiple workspaces
  • Evaluates and parses yaml files configured in I18n.load_path (turned off per default, turn it on by setting railsI18n.loadAllTranslations to true)
  • Provides definition for i18n keys (Command 'Go To Definition' (F12 or +))

alt text

Known Issues

  • RVM not supported

Release Notes

Planned Features

  • [ ] add a setting and feature to show translations of all available locales on hover
  • [ ] go-to-definition creates key in yaml file if it does not already exist
  • [ ] copy dot-separated translation keys into clipboard from yaml file

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