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This is a Gatsby site.

The develop branch is merged to production weekly (unless we need to do a release sooner than that).

The main branch is continuously deployed to production.

  • Please, feel free to make any contributions you feel will make SendGrid Documentation better.

  • Submit all pull requests to the develop branch

  • All third party contributors acknowledge that any contributions they provide will be made under the same open source license that the open source project is provided under.

    • When making contributions, be sure to place an "x" in the brackets of the PR description where it says "[ ] I acknowledge that all my contributions will be made under the project's license."

Table of Contents

Local Dependency Setup


Note: Dependencies differ for work on the old-develop branch. If you need to work on old-develop, please see the README file after checking out that branch. This is uncommon.

Setup Steps


We recommend using Homebrew to install and manage packages on a MacOS.

  • Install Homebrew:

    $ ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL"
  • Install npm:

    $ brew install npm
  • Set your Node.js version to 12

    $ npm install -g n
    $ n 12.16.1



Local Repository Setup

Note: When working on Windows, you may need to run Command Prompt or PowerShell as an Administrator.

Note: When working on Mac or Linux, you may need to run some commands using "sudo."

  • Clone the SendGrid Docs Repo

    • SSH:

      $ git clone [email protected]:sendgrid/docs.git
    • HTTPS:

      $ git clone
  • Go to your docs directory

    $ cd docs
  • Switch to develop branch to make changes

    $ git checkout develop
  • Install the Gatsby CLI

    $ npm install -g gatsby-cli
  • Install npm package dependencies

    $ npm ci
  • Build the local site

    • With the Gatsby CLI installed globally, you can run:
      $ gatsby develop
    • Alternatively, you can run:
      $ npm run develop
    • Either of the above commands should start a hot-reloading development environment accessible at localhost:8000


SendGrid is guided and supported by the SendGrid Developer Experience Team. It is maintained and funded by SendGrid, Inc. The names and logos are trademarks of SendGrid, Inc.


SendGrid Documentation is licensed under the MIT License (MIT)

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