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(Hierarchical Role Based Access Control)

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RBAC is the authorization library for NodeJS.

🎉 We have supported DynamoDB storage now by implementation of dynamoose.


I needed hierarchical role based access control for my projects based on ExpressJS. I had one requirement. This structure must be permanently stored in various storages. For example in memory or Mongoose. Because there is a lot of options for storing of data and many of them are asynchronous. I created asynchronous API. Please, if you found any bug or you need custom API, create an issue or pull request.


Read more about API in documentation

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npm install rbac


import { RBAC } from 'rbac'; // ES5 var RBAC = require('rbac').default;
const rbac = new RBAC({
  roles: ['superadmin', 'admin', 'user', 'guest'],
  permissions: {
    user: ['create', 'delete'],
    password: ['change', 'forgot'],
    article: ['create'],
    rbac: ['update'],
  grants: {
    guest: ['create_user', 'forgot_password'],
    user: ['change_password'],
    admin: ['user', 'delete_user', 'update_rbac'],
    superadmin: ['admin'],

await rbac.init();

Usage with express

import express from 'express';
import { RBAC } from 'rbac';
import secure from 'rbac/controllers/express';

// your custom controller for express
function adminController(req, res, next) {
  res.send('Hello admin');

const app = express();
const rbac = new RBAC({
  roles: ['admin', 'user'],

await rbac.init();

// setup express routes
app.use('/admin', secure.hasRole(rbac, 'admin'), adminController);

Check permissions

const can = await rbac.can('admin', 'create', 'article');
if (can) {
  console.log('Admin is able create article');

// or you can use instance of admin role
const admin = await rbac.getRole('admin');
if (!admin) {
  return console.log('Role does not exists');

const can = await admin.can('create', 'article');
if (can) {
  console.log('Admin is able create article');    

Mongoose user model

Please take a look on plugin mongoose-hrbac

Build documentation

npm run doc

Running Tests

npm run test


npm run build



The MIT License (MIT)

Copyright (c) 2016-2018 Zlatko Fedor [email protected]

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