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OpenExplorer is a plugin for Eclipse, it opened the files selected in “Package Explorer” and “Navigator” in the system file browser.

Now Support Eclipse 3.2 and later, Mac OS X, Linux (with nautilus) and Windows.

Update 2018-2-06

  • It works! (Yes, after 7 years, it still works! I'm surprised as well!)
  • Tested on latest version of Eclipse (Oxygen 4.7.1 standalone install, Oxygen 4.7.2 installed by Eclipse Installer) on Mac OS X
  • Since Download is deprecated on Github, I've changed to use the new Release page
  • Added some new screenshots below


Screenshot on 2011, windows xp

Open Explorer

Screenshot on 2018, mac os x 10.12.6


Download the latest version of the plugin, Download the latest version of the plugin on the "Release" page, then put it into your Eclipse plugin directory "$ECLIPSE_HOME/plugins" (or "$ECLIPSE_HOME/dropins" for 3.3+ eclipse)

On Mac OS X, you can find the "plugins/dropins" folder by right click on "/Applications/Eclipse" (or the Eclipse executable), then "Show Package Contents".

Restart Eclipse workbench.

To uninstall, just remove the jar.


  • OpenExplorer supports multiple selections, so if you select multiple directories/files in package explorer and click the icon, all the selected directories/files will be opened.





  • add linux file manager detect support
  • add preferences page for file manager selection


  • add "Open Explorer" popup menu, in both "Package Explorer"/"Navigator" and "current editing file"


  • fixed an issue on linux



  • added "/select," options for windows explorer. If the selected resource is a file, it will be opened with that file selected in explorer
  • added Mac OS X support


  • initial implement the feature

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