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An unofficial python wrapper for the Facebook face recognition endpoint

fbrecog is a python wrapper that uses Facebook's face recognition to recognize faces in pictures.


  1. Install fbrecog from pip pip install fbrecog
  2. Now simply import the recognize method from fbrecog module from fbrecog import recognize
  3. The recognize method takes 4 input args and returns an array of recognitions.
  4. To get the access token simply go to and get a user access token with user_photos, publish_actions and user_posts permissions.
  5. Get your Facebook cookie and fb_dtsg token as follows:
  • Go to your Facebook profile.

  • Open chrome dev tools by Right Click > Inspect

  • Upload any picture. As it gets uploaded monitor the Network tab for 'dpr?' endpoint.

  • Click on it. Scroll down to Request Header. Copy the entire cookie string.

  • Scroll further down to Form Data. Copy the value of fb_dtsg parameter.

  1. Call the recognize method with the following parameters.
from pprint import pprint
from fbrecog import FBRecog
path = '1.jpg' # Insert your image file path here
path2 = '2.jpg' # Insert your image file path here
access_token = '#######' # Insert your access token obtained from Graph API explorer here
cookie = '###' # Insert your cookie string here
fb_dtsg = '###' # Insert the fb_dtsg parameter obtained from Form Data here.
# Instantiate the recog class
recog = FBRecog(access_token, cookies, fb_dtsg)
# Recog class can be used multiple times with different paths

# Call recognize_raw to get more info about the faces detected, including their positions
pprint(recog.recognize_raw(path), indent=2)

Please star this repo if it helped :)


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