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Twisted adapter for the requests library



There is a much better lib than this one for the job: txrequests .

You are now invited to use this instead.

If I have any improvements to make, I'll make them to txrequests and not here.

Twisted adapter for the requests library

Tiny add-on for the requests HTTP library so it can be used transparently with Twisted by deferring blocking calls to threads.

It just wraps all requests in deferToThread, really.


# To use requests with Twisted, you just need to use
# a our requests.Session subclass manually.
# See
# for some informations about the Session class.
from requests_twisted import TwistedRequestsSession
session = TwistedRequestsSession()

# Then after, instead of doing requests.get|post|whatever(), you just do
# session.get|post|whatever().
# It returns a defer :
defer = session.get('')
def print_status(response):
    print(response.url, response.status_code)

# Which you just handle as you would usually do.

There are no changes to the request API, the only difference is the defer.

If you are doing a lot of requests, remember you can change the reactor thread pool by doing :

from twisted.internet import reactor

The default size of the thread pool depends on the reactor being used; the default reactor uses a minimum size of 5 and a maximum size of 10. Be careful that you understand threads and their resource usage before drastically altering the thread pool sizes.


pip install requests-twisted


Supports : Python 2.7 (maybe 2.6, I didn't test it) Licence : Zlib

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