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Implementation of Coffee Supplychain using Ethereum Smart Contract

This project showcases the journey of coffee beans on blockchain.

The coffee supply chain is the sequence of activities and process to bring raw coffee beans from coffee farms to processed coffee in markets.

Problems in Existing System

  • Currently Coffee trade mostly relies on fax machines and emails to send and recieve contracts across the globe, resulting into slower and error prone paper work.

  • Blockchain can solve this by providing immutable and verifiable data sources

What we are providing?

  • We have implemented smart contract addressing the issue of storing critical data necessary at different stages of supplychain and making it verifiable by all stakeholders in supplychain.

Application Workflow Diagram

In this application we have Six stages

  1. Admin
  2. Farm-Inspector
  3. Harvester
  4. Exporter
  5. Importer
  6. Processor

Admin : Admin creates new batch which is initial stage of coffee batch.

Farm-Inspector : Farm-inspectors are responsible for inspecting coffee farms and updating the information like coffee family, type of seed and fertilizers used for growing coffee.

Harvester : Harvesters conducting plucking, hulling , polishing , grading and sorting activities, further updating the information of crop variety, temperature used and humidity maintained during the process.

Exporter : Exporters are the organization who exports coffee beans throughout the world. Exporter adds quantity, destination address, ship name, ship number , estimated date and time and exporter id.

Importer : Importers imports the coffee from coffee suppliers and updates quantity, ship name, ship number , transporters information, warehouse name, warehouse address and the importer's address.

Processor : Processors are the organizations who processes raw coffee beans by roasting them on particular temperature and humidity and makes it ready for packaging and to sale into markets. Processor adds the information like quantity, temperature , roasting duration , internal batch number , packaging date time, processor name and processor address.

Included Components

  • Solidity (Ethereum)
  • Metamask (Ethereum wallet)
  • Rinkeby test network ( use rinkeby faucet to get ethers on rinkeby network )
  • Infura
  • Truffle
  • IPFS
  • Web3JS
  • Apache and PHP


[Please Note : provider is used for the demo ]

Deployment Steps:

Setting up Ethereum Smart Contract:

git clone
cd coffee-supplychain-ethereum/

**Update truffle.js **

var HDWalletProvider = require("truffle-hdwallet-provider");
module.exports = 
	   		host: "localhost",
	   		port: 8545,
	   		network_id: "*" // Match any network id
    	rinkeby: {
    	    provider: function() {
		      var mnemonic = "steel neither fatigue ...";//put ETH wallet 12 mnemonic code	
		      return new HDWalletProvider(mnemonic, "");
		    network_id: '4',
		    from: '0xab0874cb61d.....',/*ETH wallet 12 mnemonic code wallet address*/

Go to your project folder in terminal then execute :

rm -rf build/
truffle compile 
npm install truffle-hdwallet-provider
truffle migrate --network rinkeby reset

Please note:

  1. After successfully deployment you will get response in bash terminal like below
Running migration: 1_initial_migration.js
  Deploying Migrations...
  ... 0x8be4cb8e9c1be61bb83f2661bb8e8a4fefc31433b68137f88a7088a0bb0cccda
  Migrations: 0xd0fc5980df528878573d97e91a11b4196b060174
Saving successful migration to network...
  ... 0x68483eb11712987b190469033e3b12e04bbe960ffbdbfd508eb7618f91ca7dd6
Saving artifacts...
Running migration: 2_deploy_contracts.js
  Deploying SupplyChainStorage...
  ... 0x42bd453f05e530d312c6140a848aa111d08e2edb8ec96bd380e78d1fd0ebc444
  SupplyChainStorage: 0xe544a8f280e4cb111589f935c483cafb1c6044d0
  Deploying SupplyChainUser...
  Deploying CoffeeSupplyChain...
  ... 0x928fc9e0a4a0c82c0699c8e76247e15af4da9ba7c855735f5db9c8a9d9368575
  ... 0x7d47e86f465584e34db27845d7b8ea6f161ea52566fd92426bdff7e1eb1f6789
  SupplyChainUser: 0x03f72d93e07428dbfbdff8f54676c19dd4421e2b
  CoffeeSupplyChain: 0x668167b434907e2e212cb7cb7d496159c90b41a4
  ... 0x692205fd39eb4b96184410d2db4b71535ba5813dee16d96d8345de509b811745
  ... 0xd66046eac97c2bedaef7dc63bd88b4a42eec15dcd4d9c4042db7af332c0fda1c
Saving successful migration to network...
  ... 0x1e8684bad65ef2b1b64020eff109984a62099083828c6267970a586096cfa03f
Saving artifacts...

  • From above responce copy address of SupplyChainStorage, SupplyChainUser, CoffeeSupplyChain
  • This 3 address we need to paste in [coffee-supplychain-ui/js/app/app.js] file like below
    var globIcoAddress = {
		'CoffeeMain': "0x668167b434907e2e212cb7cb7d496159c90b41a4",
		'CoffeeUser': "0x03f72d93e07428dbfbdff8f54676c19dd4421e2b",
		'Storage': "0xe544a8f280e4cb111589f935c483cafb1c6044d0"

Setting up UI:

  • Navigate to Apache Document Root in terminal
git clone
cd coffee-supplychain-ui/

For Our Online User Panel Demo:

For Our Online Admin Panel Demo:

Please note:

Admin Panel can be only accessed address that deployed the contracts

Development Screen's

Login Page

  • Get MetaMask - You can go for this option if you don't have metamask wallet in your chrome or firefox browser and create your own ethereum wallet
  • Log in - You can login to user or admin

Admin Dashboard

Admin Dashboard Displays
  • Total Number of Users
  • Total Roles
  • Total Batches
  • Batches Overview
  • Your Address
  • Storage Contract Address
  • Coffee Supply Chain Contract Address
  • List of User Roles
  • List of all Users in Coffee Supply Chain
  • In admin dashboard you will be able to find out total users registered, total number of roles and total coffee batches created.
  • In batches overview section you will be able to find out the progress of each batch.
  • By clicking on button Create Batch , admin will be able to create new batch of coffee beans.
  • In below section of batches overview you can see your address ( admin wallet address), storage contract address, coffee supply chain contract address and user contract address.
  • Below all these addresses, on left side you can find out all the roles available in coffee supply chain and their slugs, on the right side you will find out all users list and their details.
  • Using Create User button you can add new user into coffee supply chain.

Admin Activities

Create user

  • Only admin can add new user in coffee supply chain
  • In the Add User form admin have to provide basic information of user like User Wallet Address, Username, User Contact Number, Role of User , User Status means the user is activated or deactivated.
  • User can play his role and update information only if he is have activated status.
  • Admin also can provide profile image of user and after submitting form successfully.
  • Admin can find out the newly added user in Users List on Admin dashboard.
Create New Batch

  • To add new coffee beans batch, you can use create batch button in batches overview section in admin dashboard.
  • Here you have to provide basic information of batch like Farmer Registration Number , Farmer’s Name, Farmer’s Address, Exporter Name and Importer Name.
  • By submitting Add Batch form you create new batch which can be updated by other roles later.
  • You can find out the details of particular batch in Actions column by pressing on eye icon ( view-batch page )
Batch Overview

  • Get all coffee batch information in batch overview. We get the in at what stage the batch is processing.You can find out progress of batch using eye icon ( view batch page).
  • By clicking on the read arrow at the end of batch id, admin can find out the transaction details of that particular batch.
  • Similarly admin can also scan QR-code to find out the transaction details of batch.
  • Coffee Beans Batch States
  • --- Processing : when the stage is in process
  • --- completed : when the stage is completed by respective roles
  • --- Not Available : Batch is not reached upto this stage
Batch Details
Batch all process completed

Batch work in progress

  • In View Batch Page,/ admin will be able to see the progressive information of coffee batch.
  • Here we can get all details of each stage and also the name and address of user who updated the particular stage.

User Dashboard

User Activities

Update User Profile

  • To update , user profile you can use Update Profile form where you have to fill the information of user like full name of user, his / her contact number and profile image of user.
  • In this form role of user and user status can only be modified by admin, user can not edit this information.
Batch Updation by Farm-inspector

  • To submit the farm inspection information, user’s having role of Farm inspector will be able to see the update button in batch overview.
  • By pressing on update button farm inspector can update information by providing Type of Seed, Coffee Family and Fertilizer Used.
  • After successful submit of farm inspectors information batch progress to next step which is harvesting.
Batch Updation by Harvester

  • Harvester grows coffee beans and after complete nourishing of coffee beans harvester makes the bean ready to export by updating Coffee Variety, Temperature and humidity to blockchain.
Batch Updation by Exporter

  • Exporters sends the raw coffee beans for further process on beans as per demands and they update their own information to blockchain.
  • Once the coffee beans are ready to export, Users having role of Exporters updates the information of Exporting.
  • It includes quantity, destination address, ship name, ship number , estimated datetime and exporter id.
  • By pressing submit button on the form, exporting information gets stored on blockchain.
Batch Updation by Importer

  • Warehouses and Organizations who process on raw beans imports the raw coffee beans. While importing coffee beans they have to update their information on blockchain.
  • Information of Quantity, Ship Name, Ship Number, Transporter Information, Warehouse Name , Warehouse Address and Importer’s Id Number.
  • After importing coffee beans, it goes for processing stage.
Batch Updation by Processor

  • At last the Processors have to update the processing information like roasting temperature of coffee and get issued the quality certificate, coffee gets ready to sale out in markets.
  • Processing have to fill the information of quantity, temperature, time for roasting, internal batch number, packaging date, processor name and address of processor.
  • And this is how the Coffee Supply Chain completes for one batch.

In this way, we can track the progress of coffee bean after each stage in blockchain.

The stages which are yet not updated in blockchain are denoted using cross sign and the stages which are completed are denoted by right tick sign.

You can also find out the name, address and contact information of user who updated the particular stage in coffee supply chain.


Journey of Coffee - Blockchain Supply Chain - Provenance to Consumption:

Video Links:

Introduction of Coffee Supply Chain :

Walk Through of Coffee Supply Chain Demo :

  • Truffle Tests

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