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More information and download: If you like it and want to say thanks, donations are welcome. ❤️

For use in apps, web pages or other projects:

  1. npm i victormono (installs Regular, Italic, Bold and Bold Italic styles)
  2. import 'victormono' (in a typical modern setup, eg. webpack)
  3. Style classes with font-family: 'Victor Mono', font-weight and font-style

Alternative CDN hosting, best for online editors like CodePen:

  1. <link rel="stylesheet" href="[email protected]/dist/index.min.css"> in <head> or top of <body>
  2. Style classes with font-family: 'Victor Mono', monospace

Font stylistics

Available stylistics

  • ss01: Slashed zero (#78)


  • Sublime:

     "font_options": ["ss01"]
  • VScode:

     "editor.fontLigatures": "'ss01'"
  • Kitty:

     font_features VictorMono-Medium +ss01

Example code previews

carbon carbon (1) carbon (2) carbon (4) carbon (5) carbon (6) carbon (7)

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