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Rome is a Java framework for RSS and Atom feeds. The framework consist of several modules:

⚠️ This project is in maintenance mode due to a shortage of active developers. We won't accept new features but try to keep all dependencies up-to-date.

Project structure

Module Description
rome Library for generating and parsing RSS and Atom feeds.
rome-modules Generators and parsers for extensions like MediaRSS, GeoRSS and others.
rome-opml OPML parsers and tools.
rome-fetcher DEPRECATED (see #276 for details)

Other deprecated modules: rome-certiorem, rome-certiorem-webapp and rome-propono.


Parse a feed:

String url = "";
SyndFeed feed = new SyndFeedInput().build(new XmlReader(new URL(url)));

Beware! The URL class used in this example is rudimentary and works only for simplest cases. Please consider using a separate library for fetching the feed (see example in #276).

Generate a feed:

SyndFeed feed = new SyndFeedImpl();
System.out.println(new SyndFeedOutput().outputString(feed));

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