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GSM Assessment Toolkit - GAT

GAT is an evaluation framework for assessing security-related aspects of mobile networks based on the GSM standard.

The framework mainly relies on gr-gsm for the processing of GSM-related information.

More information can be found in the wiki

Feature List

  • Capturing transmissions, currently only using RTL-SDR. Support for UHD coming soon.
  • Scanning for base stations, currently only using RTL-SDR. Support for UHD coming soon.
  • Decoding captured transmissions (Control channels, voice channels).
  • A5/1 key reconstruction using Kraken.
  • Sending SMS (regular, silent and others) via GAT-App
  • Performing HLR lookups. Currently only supported.
  • TMSI (and some IMSIs) sniffing / extraction
  • Subscriber identification (TMSI - MSISDN correlation)
  • Analysis of captured transmissions (e.g. Immediate Assignments, Cipher Mode Commands, used encryption). More coming soon.
  • Utilities: Starting a preconfigured Wireshark, info about and conversion of ARFCN and frequencies, manipulation of burst-files, info lookup for MCC and MNC
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