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    • tl;dr: No sharing. For personal use only. Can contribute via PRs to this repo.
    • tl;dr: Your personal data flows only between Google servers and your computer.


Build & Run

  • Build with mvn clean package.
  • Run with java -jar target/client-3.3.0-jar-with-dependencies.jar.

Known Limitations

  • On some emails, the app will fail with OutOfMemoryError even with the maximum heap size set to 2GB. This occurs when the Gmail API client library unpacks the downloaded email in local memory using a third-party JSON library, which appears to sometimes make inefficient use of the available memory. If this happens, the original email will remain intact, the memory will be recovered, and the processing will continue with the next email.


Feel free to report issues and create pull requests.

Support Unattach

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