Awesome Open Source
Awesome Open Source


This repo contains some of the ML and DL related reading materials, research papers that I've read.

Feel free to discuss the contents of the papers together by opening an issue.

PRs are welcome if you wish to contribute to the reading shelf

Or you can fund my works


Work In Progress

Currently this repository does not have a clean and organized way to distribute the papers. I will try to categorise them by topics or fields when I have the time. PRs are welcome if you can contribute

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Python (1,126,504
Machine Learning (30,119
Deep Learning (22,370
Bot (11,936
Neural Network (8,407
Artificial Intelligence (5,407
Reinforcement Learning (3,779
Lstm (1,919
Paper (1,662
Face Recognition (1,573
Face Detection (1,501
Ocr (1,425
Prediction (985
Recurrent Neural Networks (893
Mit (447
Fuzzy Logic (172
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