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The most popular software developer tools in one app.


dev-tools is a Maven JavaFX application.
Build an executable jar from the source:

mvn clean package -U

Build a native application using Gluon Client plugin:

mvn clean client:build

or download the latest release.

JavaFX is not a part of Java SDK as of JDK 11.


  • Dark/Light mode.

Tools List

Json Editor

  • JSON pretty print with highlighting.
  • JSON validation.
  • Search Bar (Ctrl+F).

UUID/Password Generator

  • UUID Generator.
  • Password Generator.

Hash Calculator

  • Hash functions.
  • URL Encode/Decode.
  • Base64 Encode/Decode.

Epoch Converter

  • Current Unix epoch time.
  • Timestamp to human date.
  • Human date to timestamp.

Regular Expression Tester

  • Regex flags.
  • Capturing groups.

Rest API Tester

  • Rest API testing client.

ASCII Graphics

  • Convert text to ASCII art.

Logs Generator

  • Generate fake log workloads using a specified format.
  • Write to console.
  • Write to file.


If you find this project useful and want to contribute, please open an issue or create a PR.


Licensed under the Apache 2.0 License.

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