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About RestControl(Twitter)

RestControl is modern and powerful framework for testing REST services. RestControl provides set of tools for describing HTTP requests and responses in expressive and elegant way.

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Here is a simple example of how to send a GET request and validate json response:

  * @test(
  *     title="Example test",
  *     description="Example test description",
  *     tags="find user"
  * )
 public function exampleFindUser()
    return send()->get('')
                 ->jsonPath('$.address.street', endsWith('Light'));

Helpful HTML reports

RestControl - HTML Report


  • easily send HTTP requests, variety of http methods like post, get, put, delete, head, patch, purge, options, trace, connect
  • forms
  • request headers
  • basic HTTP authentication
  • oAuth (in progress)
  • oAuth2 authentication
  • JSON response validation
  • JSON Path body validation
  • validation of JSON body items and collection of items
  • sets of HTTP response code helpers like httpStatusOk, httpBadGateway etc.
  • easy to use expression language
  • iterating body objects
  • values comparing (e.g. equalsTo, lessThan)
  • dates comparing
  • string validation (e.g. startsWith, endsWith)
  • custom validation via closure
  • annotations describing tests
  • measuring response time and tests statistics
  • XML validation (in progress)
  • test environments management
  • JSON, HTML outputs for reporting system
  • handling HTTP cookies (in progress)
  • proxy, SSL support (in progress)
  • command for automatic generation of tests

Quick Start

The best way for quick start is to use RestControl standalone application. You can find it here If you want to save yourself the hassle of installing dependencies required for this project on your local machine, you can use Docker containers as an alternative. Note that you will need Docker and Docker Compose in version >= 2.1.

To build and start RestControl standalone application, run following commands:

[email protected]:~/projects/standalone-testing-application$ make build
[email protected]:~/projects/standalone-testing-application$ make start

Now, you can use Docker machine and run example tests.

[email protected]:~/projects/standalone-testing-application$ docker exec -it restcontrol_cli_1 bash
[email protected]:/app# php vendor/bin/rest-control run


Thank you if you considering contributing to RestControl! The contribution guide is available in file. Start watching this project to get regular updates.

Project roadmap

All planned releases you can find here:

Learning RestControl

RestControl documentation is under construction, please be patient. Current documentation files are available on

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