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First, make sure you have the latest version of node.js

To use this project you also need lerna. Lerna is a tool for managing JavaScript projects with multiple packages. .

npm i lerna -g

Then you should install dependencies using the bootstrap command.

lerna bootstrap


Beta app

To start beta app with bankai.

npm start

By default, the app is accessible at https://localhost:8080.

See bankai docs for usage.

Other apps (embed, upload, ...)

Replace embed with the target app if different.

lerna run --scope embed start --parallel

Add a package

lerna add @resonate/button --scope "beta"

Add a dev dependency

Here's how you would add gulp to tools

lerna add gulp --scope tools


Compile app to dist using bankai.

npm run build

To compile a specific package

lerna run build --scope "@resonate/rangeslider"


Run all tests (standard, dependency-check)

npm test

Test a specific component

lerna run test --scope "@resonate/player-component"

A package can have browser tests (tape-run)

lerna run test:browser --scope "@resonate/api-factory-generator"


Setup your env variables for development

cp .env.example .env


You can find an example nginx configuration file in the docs.


Secure connection is required to fully test PWA's. Bankai does generate a certificate for localhost. It should be located at ~/.config/bankai. See HTTPS instructions.

If you want, you can generate a custom certificate using mkcert for beta.resonate.localhost. This origin is whitelisted in our CORS config.


Commands needs to be ran with $ lerna run.

Example: $ lerna run --scope beta start --parallel.

Command Description
$ npm run dev Start beta app development server
$ npm test Lint, validate deps & run dependency-check for all packages
$ npm run build Compile all beta app files into beta/dist/

Code style

We use standard as a linter and javascript style guide. Make sure to add appropriate plugin for your editor (see: standard#are-there-text-editor-plugins)


See Also

  • choo - sturdy 4kb frontend framework
  • bankai - streaming asset compiler
  • nanohtml - HTML template strings for the Browser with support for Server Side Rendering in Node. strings
  • nanocomponent - create performant HTML components
  • tachyons - functional CSS for humans
  • sheetify - modular CSS bundler for browserify

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