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A glimpse into the astonishing future of BaaS- Firebase with a simple To do list app.


Since its interesting evolution from the Google I/O 2016, my goal was to play with Firebase to witness the potential as well as the limitations.

This project is nothing more than a way to play with what I've learn. I was also curious to see how it fits with the tools I usually use such as Dagger and RxJava.


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Firebase modules used

  • Database
  • Crash Report
  • Remote Config
  • Analytics
  • FirebaseJobDispatcher
  • Performance (introduced during the Google IO 17)


  • Firebase
  • Dependency Injection (Dagger 2)
  • ButterKnife
  • RxJava 2, RxAndroid


  • MVP: Model-View-Presenter
  • MVVM: Model-View-ViewModel (using Android Data Binding)

Clean Architecture

The project is following a Clean architecture approach.


The complete set of tests is coming.

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