ProseMirror toolkit for React 🎉
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Slate26,6943,49992311 hours ago686August 23, 2022577mitTypeScript
A completely customizable framework for building rich text editors. (Currently in beta.)
Tiptap18,5301365 hours ago198September 20, 2022244mitTypeScript
The headless editor framework for web artisans.
5 hours ago167mpl-2.0TypeScript
There can be more than Notion and Miro. AFFiNE is a next-gen knowledge base that brings planning, sorting and creating all together. Privacy first, open-source, customizable and ready to use.
Oni11,47713 years ago6April 02, 2017518mitTypeScript
Oni: Modern Modal Editing - powered by Neovim
Awesome Lowcode11,264
2 days ago4cc0-1.0
React Page9,134188 days ago304September 21, 202211mitTypeScript
Next-gen, highly customizable content editor for the browser - based on React and written in TypeScript. WYSIWYG on steroids.
Tinacms8,555561a day ago105September 21, 202284otherTypeScript
A headless CMS for Markdown
H5 Dooring7,298
a month ago29gpl-3.0JavaScript
H5 Page Maker, H5 Editor, LowCode. Make H5 as easy as building blocks. | 让H5制作像搭积木一样简单, 轻松搭建H5页面, H5网站, PC端网站,LowCode平台.
Vditor6,03911172 days ago310August 04, 202282mitTypeScript
♏ 一款浏览器端的 Markdown 编辑器,支持所见即所得(富文本)、即时渲染(类似 Typora)和分屏预览模式。An In-browser Markdown editor, support WYSIWYG (Rich Text), Instant Rendering (Typora-like) and Split View modes.
React Draft Wysiwyg6,000786337a month ago131July 17, 2022683mitJavaScript
A Wysiwyg editor build on top of ReactJS and DraftJS.
Alternatives To Remirror
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A React toolkit for building cross-platform text editors, based on ProseMirror.

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import React from 'react';
import { BoldExtension, ItalicExtension, UnderlineExtension } from 'remirror/extensions';
import { Remirror, useRemirror, OnChangeJSON } from '@remirror/react';

const extensions = () => [new BoldExtension(), new ItalicExtension(), new UnderlineExtension()];

const Editor = ({ onChange }) => {
  const { manager, state } = useRemirror({
    content: '<p>Hi <strong>Friend</strong></p>',
    stringHandler: 'html',
    selection: 'end',

  return (
    <Remirror manager={manager} initialContent={state}>
      <OnChangeJSON onChange={onChange} />

With this code snippet your editor now supports basic editing functionality.

Alternatively, take a look at our 5 minute tutorial to get up and running with an out-of-the-box WYSIWYG editor.


npm install remirror @remirror/react @remirror/pm
# Or
yarn add remirror @remirror/react @remirror/pm
# Or
pnpm add remirror @remirror/react @remirror/pm

If you run into any issues we recommend any of the following:

  • Open an issue in our github repo.
  • Join our discord server and discuss the problem with our community.
  • Create a pull request with your proposed improvement by clicking the edit button on the relevant page.

Whatever you decide thanks for taking the time to explore the remirror project.

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View our documentation website here.


  • A11y focused and ARIA compatible.
  • I18n support via lingui.
  • Great support for mobile devices.
  • Out-of-the-box editors, or create own by composing extensions.
  • Create your own extensions for bare-metal ProseMirror integration.
  • Collaborative editing with yjs or prosemirror-collab.
  • 30+ extensions for creating fully customized editing experiences.
  • TypeScript as a first class citizen for great developer experience.

Getting Started

See our 5 minute tutorial to get started!


Please read our contribution guide for details on our code of conduct, and the process for submitting pull requests. It also outlines the project structure so you can find help when navigating your way around the codebase.


This project uses SemVer for versioning. For the versions available, see the tags on this repository.


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE file for details

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