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Python Semantic Release

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Automatic Semantic Versioning for Python projects. This is a Python implementation of semantic-release_ for JS by Stephan Bönnemann. If you find this topic interesting you should check out his talk from JSConf Budapest_.

The general idea is to be able to detect what the next version of the project should be based on the commits. This tool will use that to automate the whole release, upload to PyPI and post changelogs to GitHub. You can run the tool on a CI service, or just run it locally.



python3 -m pip install python-semantic-release semantic-release --help

Python Semantic Release is also available from conda-forge_ or as a GitHub Action. Read more about the setup and configuration in our getting started guide.

.. _semantic-release: .. _talk from JSConf Budapest: .. _getting started guide: .. _GitHub Action: .. _conda-forge:

.. |Test Status| image:: .. |PyPI Version| image:: .. |conda-forge Version| image:: .. |Read the Docs Status| image::

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