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  • ⚡ Disassemble missed instructions - Define code that Ghidra's auto analysis missed
  • ⚡ Detect and fix missed functions - Define functions that Ghidra's auto analysis missed
  • ⚡ Fix 'undefinedN' datatypes - Enhance Disassembly and Decompilation by fixing 'undefinedN' DataTypes
  • ⚡ Set MSDN API info as comments - Integrate information about functions, arguments and return values into Ghidra's disassembly listing in the form of comments
  • ⚡ Tag Functions based on API calls - rename functions that calls one or more APIs with the API name and API type family if available
  • ⚡ Detect and mark wrapper functions - Rename wrapper functions with the wrapping level and wrapped function name
  • ⚡ Fix undefined data and strings - Defines ASCII strings that Ghidra's auto analysis missed and Converts undefined bytes in the data segment into DWORDs/QWORDs
  • ⚡ Detect and label crypto constants - Searche and label constants known to be associated with cryptographic algorithm in the code
  • ⚡ Detect and comment stack strings - Find and post-comment stack strings
  • ⚡ Rename Functions Based on string references - rename functions that references one or more strings with the function name followed by the string name.
  • ⚡ Bookmark String Hints - Bookmark intersting strings (file extensions, browser agents, registry keys, etc..)

🚀 Installation:

Copy the repository files into any of ghidra_scripts directories and extract db.7z, directories can be found from Window->Script Manager->Script Directories


Search for replica and enable in tool option image

Done! image


🔒 License

Licensed under GNU General Public License v3.0



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