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draxt is a utility module for selecting and manipulating filesystem objects in a Node.js environment. It uses glob patterns as its "selector engine". draxt also provides several DOM-like interfaces representing filesystem objects which build on promisified APIs for the fs and fs-extra modules.

draxt means tree in the Pahlavi language.

 ├── controllers/
 │   └── index.js
 ├── public/
 │   ├── script.js
 │   └── style.css
 └── views/
     └── index.njk
// Let's use a familiar variable name!
const $ = require('draxt');

(async () => {
  // Select `/app` directory contents and create a new `draxt` collection.
  const $app = await $('/app/**');
    // Let's filter js files:
    .filter(node => node.extension === 'js')
    // Now we have a new `draxt` collection with 2 nodes.
    .forEach(async (node, index, allNodes) => {
      // `node` is instance of `File` class. Because it's a file!
      // → '/app/controllers/index.js' for the first node!

      console.log(node instanceof $.File); // → `true`

      // Let's get contents of the node. `` returns a promise object.
      const content = await'utf8');

      // Let's use some synchronous methods!
      node.appendSync('\na new line!')
          // move the file into another directory!
          .appendToSync('/hell') // or `.moveToSync('/hell')`

      // → '/hell/index.js' for the first node in the list!

      // get the parent directory of the node.
      // returns a `Directory` instance with the pathName of '/hell'!
      const parentNode = node.parentSync(); // or `await node.parent()`

      // is the directory empty?
      console.log(parentNode.isEmptySync()); // → `false`

Key notes:

  • draxt has only 2 dependencies: glob and fs-extra modules.
  • draxt uses glob patterns to select filesystem objects.
  • Each item in a draxt collection is an instance of a File, Directory, or SymbolicLink class, which is a subclass of Node.
  • Every asynchronous method has a synchronous version. E.g., node.siblingsSync() for node.siblings().
  • draxt is a simple constructor function. You can extend/overwrite its methods via its prototype property (or its fn alias) or by using the draxt.extend method.
const draxt = require('draxt');
// Add a method (`images`) for filtering image files.
draxt.fn.images = function() {
    const imgExtensions = ['jpeg', 'jpg', 'png', 'git', ...];
    return this.filter(node => {
       return node.isFile() && imgExtensions.indexOf(node.extension) > -1;


Installing via npm:

$ npm i draxt

Via yarn:

$ yarn add draxt



$ npm test


Licensed under MIT.

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