Awesome Open Source
Awesome Open Source

Danneskjold Colorscheme for Emacs

Beautiful high-contrast emacs theme.




Dired and org-mode


Bug Reporting

Here are some things to keep in mind when submitting a bug report:

  • include the output of M-x version in your report,
  • mention whether you’re using color-theme or the Emacs 24 theme,
  • include the names of Emacs faces that you have a problem with (M-: (face-at-point) and M-x describe-face will tell you the name of the face at point),
  • include the output of M-: (display-color-cells) (that lets us know which set of colors your Emacs is using),
  • screenshots are very helpful (before and after if you made a change),
  • if you’re using a terminal, the name of the terminal and (if you can find out) the number of colors the terminal app is using,
  • also if you’re using a terminal, try running Emacs in GUI mode, and see if the problem exists there (if it does, report the bug that way, if not, just mention that it’s a terminal-only bug),
  • M-x customize-apropos-faces can help you find all the relevant faces if you are submitting faces for a mode.

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