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Mountable notifications for any Rails applications.

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$ bundle add notifications

You now have a notifications generator in your Rails application:

$ rails g notifications:install

You can generate views, controllers if you need to customize them:

$ rails g notifications:views
$ rails g notifications:controllers


Create a Notification

class User
  def follow(user)
    Notification.create(notify_type: 'follow', actor: self, user: user)

class Comment
  belongs_to :post
 Ā belongs_to :user

  after_commit :create_notifications, on: [:create]
  def create_notifications
      notify_type: 'comment',
      actor: self.user,
      target: self)

Get unread notifications count for a user:

# unread count
unread_count = Notification.unread_count(current_user)

# read count
read_count = Notification.read_count(current_user)

# for non-user class
Notifications.config.user_class = 'Member'

#or change

Notifications.configure do
  # Class name of you User model, default: 'User'
  self.user_class = 'User'

  # Method of user name in User model, default: 'name'
  # self.user_name_method = 'name'

  # Method of user avatar in User model, default: nil
  # self.user_avatar_url_method = nil

  # Method name of user profile page path, in User model, default: nil
  # self.user_profile_url_method = 'profile_url'

  # authenticate_user method in your Controller, default: nil
  # If you use Devise, authenticate_user! is correct
  # self.authenticate_user_method = 'authenticate_user!'

  # current_user method name in your Controller, default: 'current_user'
  # If you use Devise, current_user is correct
  # self.current_user_method = 'current_user'

Write your custom Notification partial view for notify_types:

If you create a notify_type, you need to add a partial view in app/views/notifications/ path, for example:

# There have two notify_type
Notification.create(notify_type: 'follow' ....)
Notification.create(notify_type: 'mention', target: @reply, second_target: @topic, ....)

Your app must have:

  • app/views/notifications/_follow.html.erb
  • app/views/notifications/_mention.html.erb
# app/views/notifications/_follow.html.erb
<div class="media-heading">
  <%= link_to, main_app.user_path( %> just followed you.
# app/views/notifications/_mention.html.erb
<div class="media-heading">
  <%= link_to, main_app.user_path( %> has mentioned you in
  <%= link_to notification.second_target.title, main_app.topic_path(notification.second_target) %>
<div class="media-content">
  <%= %>

NOTE: When you want use Rails route path name in notification views, you must use main_app prefix. etc: main_app.user_path(user)

About Notification template N+1 performance

It is recommended that you use second_level_cache for solving N+1 performance issues.


Testing for multiple Rails versions:

make test_51
# or test all
make test

Site Used


The gem is available as open source under the terms of the MIT License.

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