Friendly Snippets

Set of preconfigured snippets for different languages.

Friendly Snippets

Snippets collection for a set of different programming languages for faster development.

The only goal is to have one community driven repository for all kinds of snippets in all programming languages, this way you can have it all in one place.


This collection of snippets should work with any plugin that supports loading vscode snippets. Like for example:

Add snippets from a framework to a filetype.

There's extra snippets included in this repo but they are not added by default, since it would be irrelevant for people not using those frameworks. See snippets/frameworks

For example: if you want to add rails snippets to ruby.

With LuaSnip:

require'luasnip'.filetype_extend("ruby", {"rails"})

This method is going to work globally on all open buffers with ruby filetype. Alternatively you can do set filetype=ruby.rails so it only works on a specific buffer, but this is going to mess up with syntax highlighting.

With vim-vsnip:

let g:vsnip_filetypes.ruby = ['rails']

For more info related to this change see #88


Use your plugin manager of choice, e.g.

-- Packer
use "rafamadriz/friendly-snippets"

-- Plug
Plug 'rafamadriz/friendly-snippets'

-- If you're using coc.nvim, you can use:
CocInstall[email protected]


HTML gif


JS gif

NOTE: Using nvim-compe with vim-vsnip on the videos.


  • Add all included snippets to the Wiki.

Thanks to all contributors


A good portion of the snippets have been forked from the following repositories:

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