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Calls libmapnik3.0.x from Java
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Calls libmapnik3.0.x from Java
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This is a simple tileserver based on Spring and the libmapnik JNI bindings.


the Mapnik library will be needed, as this is all this PoC is about. Under debian unstable, as of writing this note, the setup can be performed issuing the following command:

# apt install libmapnik3.1

The mapnik-jni bindings for mapnik 3 will be needed. The original authors of Mapnik do not maintain such a tool, but there is a one available here:

 [email protected]:jlnr/mapnik-jni.git

Once cloned, the repository will require the libmapnik3.0-dev package. Then a simple make will result in the build/dist/ file to be generated.

Copy this to /usr/lib/jni/ directory, the libmapnik-jni.jar into /usr/share/java, then you should be done with the mapnik bindings setup.


Using osm2pgsql, load a postgis database, then edit the file simplemap.xml, the postgresql configuration around line 140 to adapt to your setup.


$ mvn jetty:run

Then a minimalist webserver should be available at http://localhost:8080/demo.




This is not much than a Proof-of-Concept ! Do not expect to use it in production, as there is no caching of the generated tiles, which can take ~ 1 minute on my computer to render ...

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