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angular-phrase is an addon for angular-translate that lets you connect localized AngularJS applications to the Phrase In-Context Editor.


To use angular-phrase with your application you have to:


via NPM:

npm install angular-phrase

via YARN:

yarn add angular-phrase

(or download it manually from the dist folder)

Build form source

You can also build it directly from source to get the latest and greatest:

npm build

Add the module

Add angular-phrase module to your existing AngularJS application after loading the angular-translate module:

const myApp = angular.module("myApp", ['pascalprecht.translate', 'phrase'])


Configure the module:

myApp.value("phraseProjectId", "YOUR-PROJECT-ID");
myApp.value("phraseEnabled", true);
myApp.value("phraseDecoratorPrefix", "{{__");
myApp.value("phraseDecoratorSuffix", "__}}");

You can find the Project-ID in the Project overview in the Phrase Translation Center

JavaScript snippet

Add the phrase-javascript directive within your application, usually best within the <head>:


If this does not work for you, you can also integrate the JavaScript snippet manually.

How does it work?

Once the module is enabled it will:

  • override the $translate service and provide placeholders that can be picked up by the Phrase In-Context Editor

  • fetch the JavaScript application used to render the In-Context Editor on top of your application

Using AngularJS with phraseapp-in-context-editor-ruby gem or any other server side technology

If you use the angular-phrase plugin in combination with the phraseapp-in-context-editor-ruby gem or another server side technology that enables the In-Context Editor, AngularJS might have problems if you use curly braces as the decorator suffix/prefix since AngularJS thinks that youre decoratated keys are AngularJS directives (which is not the case).

You can easily solve this issue by using a different decorator syntax for your setup:

angular-phrase configuration

app.value("phraseDecoratorPrefix", "[[__");
app.value("phraseDecoratorSuffix", "__]]");

phraseapp-in-context-editor-ruby gem configuration

PhraseApp::InContextEditor.prefix = "[[__"
PhraseApp::InContextEditor.suffix = "__]]"

JavaScript configuration

  prefix: '[[__',
  suffix: "__]]"

This is only necessary if you're not using the phraseJavascript` directive


  • [x] Add support for translate filter
  • [x] Add support for translate directive
  • [ ] Add support for interpolation values


Run unit tests using Karma with webpack:

npm test

Get help / support

Please contact [email protected] and we can take more direct action toward finding a solution.

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