Full-featured web application framework for Rust.
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Hutool25,7665922585 hours ago173September 15, 20221otherJava
🍬A set of tools that keep Java sweet.
3 days ago191otherJava
🏆 零代码、全功能、强安全 ORM 库 🚀 后端接口和文档零代码,前端(客户端) 定制返回 JSON 的数据和结构。 🏆 A JSON Transmission Protocol and an ORM Library 🚀 provides APIs and Docs without writing any code.
Xutils35,9149051a year ago87June 18, 202026otherJava
Android orm, bitmap, http, view inject...
Aqueduct2,3573522 years ago38June 01, 2020180bsd-2-clauseDart
Dart HTTP server framework for building REST APIs. Includes PostgreSQL ORM and OAuth2 provider.
Gin Doc Cn1,749
2 years ago2
go 语言框架 gin 的中文文档
6 months ago21mitC++
Easy to use C++17 HTTP Server with no compromise on performances. https://matt-42.github.io/lithium
One862423 months ago103July 14, 2021apache-2.0PHP
A minimalist high-performance php framework that supports the [swoole | php-fpm] environment
7 years ago11August 29, 20165bsd-3-clausePython
Jaguar4095454a year ago208April 09, 202220bsd-3-clauseDart
Jaguar, a server framework built for speed, simplicity and extensible. ORM, Session, Authentication & Authorization, OAuth
Jimu3421199 months ago82July 05, 20227apache-2.0C#
.netcore micro service framework
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zino is a full-featured web application framework for Rust with a focus on productivity and performance.

Crates.io Documentation Downloads License


  • Out-of-the-box features for rapid application development.
  • Minimal design, modular architecture and high-level abstractions.
  • Embrace practical conventions to get the best performance.
  • Highly optimized ORM for PostgreSQL built on top of sqlx.
  • Lightweight scheduler for sync and async cron jobs.
  • Unified access to storage services and data sources.
  • Support for tracing, metrics and logging.

Getting started

You can start with the example axum-app. Currently, it requires rustc nightly to build the project.

cd examples/axum-app
cargo run -- --env=dev


Name Description Crates.io Documentation
zino-core Core types and traits. Crates.io Documentation
zino-derive Derived traits. Crates.io Documentation
zino-model Model types. Crates.io Documentation


This project is licensed under the MIT license.

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