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Pelias Android SDK

Android SDK for Pelias

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Pelias Android SDK is a client-side Java wrapper for Pelias plus Android specific integrations.


The Pelias class provides a simple interface to the Pelias geocoder which can be included in your application.

Pelias pelias = new Pelias();


The suggest endpoint provides fast type-ahead autocomplete results.

pelias.suggest("term to search", lat, lon, Callback<Result>);


The search endpoint provides locally and globally relevant full-text search results for addresses and POIs."term to search", lat, lon, Callback<Result>);

Custom Endpoint

If you have deployed your own instance of Pelias you can set it on the class before initializing.

Pelias pelias = new Pelias("");


The current strategy for testing involves mocking the service instance using a Retrofit interface which describes the paths to the API.


import org.mockito.Mockito;

public class TestPelias extends Pelias {
  public TestPelias(PeliasService service) {
  private class TestPeliasService implements PeliasService {
    @Override public Call<Result> getSuggest(@Query("text") String query,
        @Query("") double lat, @Query("focus.point.lon") double lon) {
      return new TestCall();
  private class TestCall implements Call<Result> {
    @Override public Response<Result> execute() throws IOException {
      return Response.success(new Result());

    @Override public void enqueue(Callback<Result> callback) {
      callback.onResponse(null, Response.success(new Result()));


Download Jar

Download the latest AAR.


Include dependency using Maven.



Include dependency using Gradle.

compile ''

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