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genmc - Display Hex-Rays Microcode

genmc is an IDAPython script/plugin hybrid that displays Hexrays decompiler microcode, which can help in developing microcode plugins.

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Installation / Usage

By running the code as a script within IDA, a Python shell command becomes available which, after typing "install_plugin()", copies the script to $HOME/.idapro/plugins or %APPDATA%Hex-Rays/IDA Pro/plugins.

With the script installed into the plugins folder, it can be invoked from the plugins menu or by using the hotkey 'Ctrl-Shift-M'.

IDA and decompilers >= 7.3 are required.

This IDAPython project is compatible with Python3. For compatibility with older versions of IDA, you may want to check out the Python2 branch of this project.

Keyboard shortcuts/modifiers:

With the microcode viewer focussed:

  • 'g': display microcode graph
  • 'i': display graph for current micro-instruction
  • 'Shift': holding this modifier will create floating graph widgets (instead of using the default docking behavior)


Please consider using Lucid - An Interactive Hex-Rays Microcode Explorer, instead!

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