A clojure library for Amazon AWS using the AWS Java SDK
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A clojure client library for AWS services, using the AWS Java SDK, version 1.10.65. See the SDK Release Notes.

The library is implemented using reflection to generate code, and therefore avoids reflection at compile time or runtime when using the library.

Each AWS service is provided in a namespace under com.palletops.awaze., eg. com.palletops.awaze.ec2 for EC2.

For each SDK function, two clojure functions are implemented.

The first is a direct wrapper that calls the sdk function directly. This take an initial credentials argument, that expects a data map with :access-key, :secret-key and optionally :endpoint keys.

(require '[com.palletops.awaze.ec2 :as ec2 :refer [ec2]])
  {:access-key "AKIRIEDKE5ZBZG5VVCA"
   :secret-key "76dDdsKDJdsKDH+Uyuiy678Khjhkh8797vbnvnv"})

The second generated function, with a -map suffix, has the same arguments and generates a data map that can be executed via a client executor function.

(require '[com.palletops.awaze.ec2 :as ec2 :refer [ec2]])
(let [m (ec2/describe-instances-map
         {:access-key "AKIRIEDKE5ZBZG5VVCA"
          :secret-key "76dDdsKDJdsKDH+Uyuiy678Khjhkh8797vbnvnv"})]
  (ec2/ec2 m))

Originally based on amazonica.


Add the following to your dependencies:

[com.palletops/awaze "0.1.4"]


Each Amazon service client is in it's own namespace, in com.palletops.awaze.*.

Each method of the client generates two clojure functions, one which executes the client method directly, and one, with a -map suffix, that generates a map. The map can be passed to a multimethod, with the same name as the service, which actually runs the client method.

API docs.

Annotated source.

Known issues

Setters with overloaded type arguments are not handled properly, and still cause reflection.


Copyright © 2013 Hugo Duncan.

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License.

Any code from Amazonica is:

Copyright (C) 2013 Michael Cohen

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