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Um grupo de estudos sobre programação funcional



O propósito desse repo é centralizar tudo que discutirmos na guilda de programação funcional, desde material de estudos até discussões e datas de reuniões.


  • Imutabilidade
  • Idempotência
  • Efeitos Colaterais
  • Expressividade



Algumas linguagens mais populares como JS, PHP e C# tem bastante suporte à programação funcional. libs dessa lista tem como objetivo entregar ferramentas para você extrair ao máximo os benefícios de funcional escondidos nelas.


  • ReactiveX - An API for asynchronous programming with observable streams.


  • Ramda - A practical functional library for JavaScript programmers.


  • Garp Functional - PHP utility library embracing functional programming paradigms. Supports PHP 5.3+.
  • Iter - Iteration primitives using generators.
  • Prelude - Functional library for PHP. Just PHP 7+.

Recomendações de leitura

Escrito por nós:


This is part 1 of the “Composing Software” series on learning functional programming and compositional software techniques in JavaScript ES6+ from the ground up.

Tips and guidelines for scalable and easily maintainable code bases!

This is a book on the functional paradigm in general. We'll use the world's most popular functional programming language: JavaScript.

Over the last year or so I've been learning functional programming (FP) and trying to fold it into my basic approach to software. I'd like to frame it here the way I'd teach it to someone who knows JS but doesn't know FP.

In this article we're gonna talk about ways of visualizing functional composition and we're gonna introduce a simple Monad (don't worry, it's harmless!) that will make our composed functions safer in an easy-to-extend way.

Hey yo! This is Learn You a Haskell, the funkiest way to learn Haskell, which is the best functional programming language around. You may have heard of it. This guide is meant for people who have programmed already, but have yet to try functional programming.

One of the best books on Clojure ot there. It teaches you the basics of the language syntax and functions, but, more importantly, it teaches you how to think in a Clojure way.

Well-structured software is easy to write and to debug, and provides a collection of modules that can be reused to reduce future programming costs. In this paper we show that two features of functional languages in particular, higher-order functions and lazy evaluation, can contribute significantly to modularity.

This book describes data structures from the point of view of functional languages, with examples, and presents design techniques that allow programmers to develop their own functional data structures. The author includes both classical data structures, such as red-black trees and binomial queues, and a host of new data structures developed exclusively for functional languages.


Welcome to a new way to learn Haskell. It is our goal to make Haskell as clear, painless, and practical as we can.


Funcional em geral

In object-oriented development, we are all familiar with design patterns such as the Strategy pattern and Decorator pattern, and design principles such as SOLID. The functional programming community has design patterns and principles as well. This talk will provide an overview of some of these, and present some demonstrations of FP design in practice.

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