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DNS Zone Blacklist Generator

This project generates a zone file for BIND, Dnsmasq and Unbound DNS servers using data from the StevenBlack/hosts project. The generated zone files can be used to block ads and malware for an entire network when used with a local DNS server.

DNS based ad blockers can support wildcard entries. This tool filters out any subdomains of known adware or malware domains, reducing the number of zone entries required from 79,657 down to 49,249.

DNS Server Response Type Download SHA256 Checksum
BIND link link
Dnsmasq link link
Dnsmasq NXDOMAIN link link
Unbound link link
Unbound NXDOMAIN link link

Blacklist Updates

The blacklists are updated every 24 hours with the latest data from StevenBlack/hosts. The builds logs are publicly available on Travis CI and each zone file is tested to be valid before publishing.

Building the Blacklist

The blacklist can be generated using Node.js 8.4.0 or later.


git clone
cd dns-zone-blacklist

npm install

Then build:

node build.js

The compiled blacklist files will be saved to the ./bind, ./dnsmasq and ./unbound a directories in the root of the project.

Custom Entries

Custom entries can be added to the custom.blacklist.json file in the root of this project before building.


Any domains you wish to exclude from the blacklist can be added to the custom.whitelist.json file in the root of this project before building.

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