Awesome Open Source
Awesome Open Source


Repo for TOM members dedicated for the Hacktober fest of 2018 (5th edition), this repo is here to encourage open source learning and sharing and enhance git/github using abilities.

How to contribute?

Simply fork this repo, add your work or modifications and then create a pull request! Some rules:

  • Make sure to include your name in the ReadMe in the contributors section.
  • Make sure to insert your code in a folder that matches the technology used by you.
  • If the technology or language you're using doesn't exist: Make a folder for it!
  • Make sure that the work you submit is actually yours!
  • Do not delete other people's work (you can modifie it tho).
  • Make sure to add your project's name, technology and used IDE and language in the correspondening sections in the ReadMe file.

TOM members Contributors

  • BAHRI Aimene
  • Kebir abed
  • Samir BELAROUI
  • Benabdellah Imene
  • Iftene Nada
  • Kolli Youcef Hamza
  • MKHTARI A. Islem (Wizard)
  • ADD your name here


  • Rocket ride (Unity 2D game for mobile).
  • Red House (Unity 3D AR demo)
  • Password Generator (Java Swing)
  • Find the Letter (Android app)
  • Login (Java Fx)
  • GeoCalculator (Java)
  • Form creation (Site web)
  • Blender (3D scene model)
  • Github

Technologies & IDE:

  • Unity3D (Game Engine)
  • 8Th Wall (Augmented Reality Core)
  • Django (Framework)
  • Eclipse (IDE)
  • Android studio (IDE)
  • Sublime text (Text editor)
  • Blender (3D creation suite)


  • C#
  • Shader Lab
  • Python Django
  • Java
  • XML
  • HTML
  • CSS
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