It's an Atlassian docker compose file, to run Atlassian products with docker on one single machine. (dockerize atlassian)
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Devops Roadmap4,207
a month ago4apache-2.0
DevOps Roadmap for 2023. with learning resources
8 months ago80November 05, 202122apache-2.0Go
Compliance automation framework, focused on SOC2
Docker Atlassian Jira599
4 days ago29mitRuby
Atlassian JIRA Core wrapped in a Docker image
6 months ago13mitShell
Dockerized Atlassian Jira
Docker Atlassian Confluence359
3 days ago31mitRuby
Atlassian Confluence wrapped in a Docker image
Docker Atlassian Jira Software260
4 days ago41mitRuby
Atlassian JIRA Software wrapped in a Docker image
Jira Agile Metrics220
21 days ago21mitPython
Agile metrics and charts calculated from JIRA
Jira Dependency Graph219
a year ago7mitPython
Graph visualizer for JIRA tickets' dependencies
a month ago68September 26, 202230mitGo
Simple message routing system that receives input messages through a webhook interface and can enforce actions using predefined outputs via integrations.
4 days ago9Dockerfile
The simplest docker file of JIRA. Support v9.7.0(latest) and v9.4.4(lts)
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It's Atlassian docker compose file, to run Atlassian products with docker on one single machine.
       +                   +                    +
       |                   |                    |
       |                   |                     |
       v                   v                     v
   Atlassian Jira    Atlassian Confluence   Atlassian Bitbucket
 [host:jira:8080]   [host:confluence:8090]  [host:bitbucket:7990]
       +                   +                     |
       |                   |                     |
       |                   |                      |
       v                   v                      v
   [db:jira]           [db:wiki]          [db:bitbucket]

Atlassian supported products:

  • Jira 7.9.2
  • Confluence 6.9.0
  • Bitbucket 5.10.1


  • Postgres 9.4
  • Nginx latest


  • Docker version 1.13.1+
  • docker-compose version 1.10.0+

Docker image source files:

How to use:

  1. Clone the atlassian:

    $ git clone
  2. Set environment variables:

    $ export
  3. Run docker compose:

    $ docker-compose -p atlassian up
  4. Set DNS according to the above DOMAIN value, on somewhere that you want to connect to host of docker-compose:

    $ vim /etc/hosts

Replace with IP of host that docker-compose command run on it.

  1. Create Databases:

    $ docker exec -it atlassian_database_1  psql -U postgres
       postgres=# CREATE DATABASE jira;
       postgres=# CREATE DATABASE wiki;
       postgres=# CREATE DATABASE bitbucket;
       postgres=# \l
       postgres-# \q
  2. Browse Atlassian products:



Data persisted on the named volumes, to see them:

   $ docker volume ls
   local               atlassian_bitbucket-data
   local               atlassian_confluence-data
   local               atlassian_jira-data
   local               atlassian_database-data
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