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Hyperapp FX

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A handy set of effects for use with Hyperapp.

Getting Started

Here's a taste of how to use a common effect for making HTTP requests. The app displays inspiring quotes about design, fetching a new quote each time the user clicks on the current one. Go ahead and try it online here.

import { app, h, text } from "hyperapp"
import { Http } from "hyperapp-fx"

const GetQuote = () => [
    url: "",
    action: (_, { content }) => content

  init: "Click here for quotes",
  view: quote => h("h1", { onclick: GetQuote }, text(quote)),
  node: document.getElementById("app")

More examples are available to show other effects in action.


npm i [email protected]

Then with a module bundler like Rollup or Webpack, use as you would anything else.

import { Http } from "hyperapp-fx"

If you don't want to set up a build environment, you can download Hyperapp FX from a CDN like and it will be globally available through the window.hyperappFx object. We support all ES5-compliant browsers, including Internet Explorer 10 and above. Use of the Http effect requires a polyfill.

<script src="[email protected]"></script>

API documentation


Hyperapp FX is MIT licensed. See LICENSE.

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