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Small docker of Polaris based on Alpine Linux
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Polaris container CircleCI

(c) 2018-2023 Óscar García Amor

Redistribution, modifications and pull requests are welcomed under the terms of GPLv3 license.

Polaris is a music streaming application, designed to let you enjoy your music collection from any computer or mobile device.

This container packages Polaris under Alpine Linux, a lightweight Linux distribution.

Visit Docker Hub, Quay or GitHub to see all available tags.


To run this container, simply exec.

docker run -t -d \
  --name=polaris \
  -p 5050:5050 \

This start polaris and publish the port to host. You can go to http://localhost:5050 to see it running.

Warning: this is a basic run, all data will be destroyed after container stop and rm.


This container exports three volumes.

  • /music: for store you music collection
  • /var/cache/polaris: polaris cache
  • /var/lib/polaris: polaris data like database

You can exec the following to mount your music dir, store cache and data.

docker run -t -d \
  --name=polaris \
  -p 5050:5050 \
  -v /my/music/directory:/music \
  -v /my/polaris/cache:/var/cache/polaris \
  -v /my/polaris/data:/var/lib/polaris \

Take note that you must create before the cache directory /my/polaris/cache and data directory /my/polaris/data and set ownership to UID/GID 100 in both, otherwise the main proccess will crash.

mkdir -p /my/polaris/cache /my/polaris/data
chown -R 100:100 /my/polaris/cache /my/polaris/data

WARNING: Breaking changes in 0.13.x. The database is stored by default in /var/lib/polaris/db.sqlite. You must move your database from /my/polaris/data/.local/share/polaris to /my/polaris/data. The cache files are stored now in /var/cache/polaris.

Environment variables

The run-polaris command can use the following environment variables.

Variable Used for Default value
POLARIS_PORT Define listen port 5050
POLARIS_CONFIG Optional config file location
POLARIS_DB Optional database file location
POLARIS_CACHE_DIR Optional cache directory location /var/cache/polaris
POLARIS_PIDFILE Optional pid file location (see note)
POLARIS_LOGFILE Optional log file location (see note)
POLARIS_LOGLEVEL Optional log level between 0 (off) and 3 (debug)
POLARIS_DAEMONIZE Run polaris as daemon in container (see note) false

Note: both POLARIS_PIDFILE and POLARIS_LOGFILE only apply if you set POLARIS_DAEMONIZE as true. This only have sense if you want use this image as base of your own modified one and you want run anything else.

Shell run

If you want to run a shell instead run-polaris command, simply do.

docker run -t -i --rm \
  --name=polaris \
  -p 5050:5050 \
  -v /my/music/directory:/music \
  -v /my/polaris/data:/var/lib/polaris \
  --entrypoint=/bin/sh \

Please note that the --rm modifier destroy the container after shell exit.

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