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Library for extracting attachments, notes and metadata out of formats used by popular note-taking apps.


  • Markdown: all notes are converted to Markdown automatically, no matter what format each note uses.
  • Modular: each supported format is implemented by a "provider", additional providers can be implemented easily, learn more about implementing one yourself here.
  • Lightweight: extra care has been taken to ensure this library is lightweight, no external DOM implementation is loaded by default and the most lightweight dependencies are being used.


npm install --save @notable/dumper


The following providers are currently implemented:

  • Enex: it can import notes exported via Evernote.
    • Extensions: .enex.
  • Boostnote: it can import notes written using Boostnote.
    • Extensions: .cson.
  • HTML: it can import HTML notes, most popular note-taking apps can export to HTML.
    • Extensions: .html, .htm.
  • Markdown: it can import plain Markdown notes.
    • Extensions: .md, .mkd, .mkdn, .mdwn, .mdown, .markdown, .markdn, .mdtxt, .mdtext, .txt.


The following interfaces are provided:

interface Dumper {
  isSupported ( source: string ): boolean,
  dump ( options: Options ): Promise<void>

interface Options {
  DOMParser?: DOMParser, // This option is only optional if you are in a browser-like environment, e.i. "window.DOMParser" exists
  source: string | string[],
  dump ( note: Note ): void | Promise<void>

interface Note {
  metadata: {
    title: string,
    tags: string[],
    attachments: {
      metadata: {
        name: string,
        created: Date,
        modified: Date
      content: Buffer
    deleted: boolean,
    favorited: boolean,
    pinned: boolean,
    created: Date,
    modified: Date
  content: Buffer

You can use the library like so:

import * as path from 'path';
import Dumper from '@notable/dumper';

Dumper.dump ({
  source: path.join ( __dirname, 'source.html' ),
  dump ( note ) {
    // Do something with each given note object...


There are multiple ways to contribute to this project, read about them here.


  • Notable: The Markdown-based note-taking app that doesn't suck.


MIT © Fabio Spampinato

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