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A collection of common algorithms and data structures with source code in Java.


This repository uses Gradle. While you don't need it, it will make everything much easier. You don't need to install Gradle as I added the wrapper. Testing is all done with JUnit 5.

Dependencies Used

  • JUnit 5
  • Apache Commons Lang
  • JBlas

Using Gradle

To check if everything is correct, run this command:

./gradlew check

This checks for lots of things, like running the tests, check for compile errors, check for correct google java style guide, etc. If you want to run a single file, then go to the build.gradle file and add this line at the bottom.

mainClassName = 'sorting.bubblesort.BubbleSort'

and run

./gradlew run

Replace sorting.bubblesort.BubbleSort with the file you want to run. Make sure you exclude the part.

Source Code

Bit Manipulation


Data Structures

Min Priority Queues


Binary Search Trees


Dynamic Programming


Graph Theory



Neural Networks



This repository is licensed under the MIT license.

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