A ladder for helping springer use vertx web
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Pac4j2,242146129a day ago96September 08, 2022apache-2.0Java
Security engine for Java (authentication, authorization, multi frameworks): OAuth, CAS, SAML, OpenID Connect, LDAP, JWT...
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An example to create a clean architecture with Java 11
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The Turnkey DevOps Platform
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A spring vertx mod which creates spring aware verticles
Spring Webflux Research37
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spring webflux research
Vert.x Generator36
3 years agomitJava
Vert.X-generator是基于javafx8开发的图形界面Vert.x代码生成器,使用 Apache FreeMarker 作为代码文件的模板,用户可以一键将数据库中的表生成为任意风格的.java代码文件(比如经典的三层模型);
Helloworld Web22
18 days agoJava
Hello World web application in 39 different ways in Java
Gerry Common Framework Vertx20
2 years agoapache-2.0Java
Vert.x-Web 3.2.1 same as spring framework web, not dependent spring ,annotation develop. Vertx-RPC remote call, annotation .
3 years agoJava
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A ladder for helping springer use vertx web

spring风格的vertx web框架

Get start

veladder可以使用类似spring mvc的注解来构建web服务,大部分功能是通过注解扫描进行实现的。

public class HelloController {

    public String helloWorld() {
        return "Hello world";

    public Map<String, Object> echo(String message, Long token, int code, RoutingContext ctx) {"uri={}", ctx.request().absoluteURI());"message={}, token={}, code={}", message, token, code);
        HashMap<String, Object> map = new HashMap<>();
        map.put("message", message);
        map.put("token", token);
        map.put("code", code);
        return map;

    @RequestMapping(value = "hello/array")
    public List<Map.Entry<String, String>> helloArray(long[] ids, String[] names, RoutingContext ctx) {"ids={}", Arrays.toString(ids));"names={}", Arrays.toString(names));
        return ctx.request().params().entries();

    public List<Map.Entry<String, String>> queryArray(List<Long> ids, TreeSet<String> names, LinkedList rawList, RoutingContext ctx) {"ids={}", ids);"names={}", names);"rawList={}", rawList);
        return ctx.request().params().entries();

    public BeanReq queryBean(BeanReq req) {"req={}", req);
        return req;

    @RequestMapping(value = "post/body", method = HttpMethod.POST)
    public BeanReq postRequestBody(@RequestBody BeanReq req) {"req={}", req);
        return req;

Spring-like Annotations

  • [x] RestController
  • [x] RequestMapping (目前不支持类上使用)
  • [x] RequestBody
  • [ ] GetMapping
  • [ ] PostMapping
  • [ ] PutMapping
  • [ ] DeleteMapping
  • [ ] PatchMapping


  • [x] upload file
  • [x] download file

Database Access

  • [ ] mysql(jpa/mybatis)
  • [ ] mongodb


  • [x] package scan
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