Official redis wrapper for Nim.

redis CircleCI

A redis client for Nim.


Add the following to your .nimble file:

# Dependencies

requires "redis >= 0.2.0"

Or, to install globally to your Nimble cache run the following command:

nimble install redis


import redis, asyncdispatch

proc main() {.async.} =
  ## Open a connection to Redis running on localhost on the default port (6379)
  let redisClient = await openAsync()

  ## Set the key `nim_redis:test` to the value `Hello, World`
  await redisClient.setk("nim_redis:test", "Hello, World")

  ## Get the value of the key `nim_redis:test`
  let value = await redisClient.get("nim_redis:test")

  assert(value == "Hello, World")

waitFor main()

There is also a synchronous version of the client, that can be created using the open() procedure rather than openAsync().


Copyright (C) 2015, 2017 Dominik Picheta and contributors. All rights reserved.

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