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Rules engine written in golang with the help of antlr.

This package will be very helpful in situations where you have a generic rule and want to verify if your values (specified using map[string]interface{}) satisfy the rule.

Here are some examples:

  type obj map[string]interface{}
  parser.Evaluate("x eq 1", obj{"x": 1})
  parser.Evaluate("x == 1", obj{"x": 1})
  parser.Evaluate("x lt 1", obj{"x": 1})
  parser.Evaluate("x < 1", obj{"x": 1})
  parser.Evaluate("x gt 1", obj{"x": 1})
  parser.Evaluate("x.a == 1 and x.b.c <= 2", obj{
    "x": obj{
       "a": 1,
       "b": obj{
          "c": 2,

  parser.Evaluate("y == 4 and (x > 1)", obj{"x": 1})

  parser.Evaluate("y == 4 and (x IN [1,2,3])", obj{"x": 1})

  parser.Evaluate("y == 4 and (x eq 1.2.3)", obj{"x": "1.2.3"})


All the operations can be written capitalized or lowercase (ex: eq or EQ can be used)

Logical Operations supported are AND OR

Compare Expression and their definitions (a|b means you can use either one of the two a or b):

eq|==: equals to 
ne|!=: not equals to
lt|<: less than 
gt|>: greater than
le|<=: less than equal to
ge|>=: greater than equal to 
co: contains 
sw: starts with 
ew: ends with
in: in a list
pr: present
not: not of a logical expression

How to use it

Use your dependency manager to import This will let you parse a rule and keep the parsed representation around. Alternatively, you can also use directly to call the root Evaluate(string, map[string]interface{}) method.

I would recommend importing

How to extend the grammar

  1. Please look at this antlr tutorial, the link will show you how to setup antlr. The article has a whole lot of detail about antlr I encourage you to read it, you might also like my blog post about this repo.
  2. After taking a look at the antlr tutorial, you can extend the JsonQuery.g4 file.
  3. Compile the parser antlr4 -Dlanguage=Go -visitor -no-listener JsonQuery.g4 -o ./ (Note: -o is the output directory, make sure all the stuff it generates is in the parser directory of the root repo folder)

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