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Online Training website

Help wanted: Currently I dont have time to develop this project so if anybody want to help I would love to invite to the contribution list

Online Training website like udemy or pluralsight using ASP.Net Core and Angular 4

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Technology use in this project

  • ASP.Net Core 2.0
  • Gzip compression
  • JWT Authentication with refresh token
  • SignalR Core
  • Automapper
  • MongoDB
  • Webpack
  • Angular 4 CLI
  • Redux (ngrx)
  • Effect
  • MongoDb Driver
  • Google drive API
  • Video streaming
  • Docker
  • Web job background task (Apply later)
  • Elasticsearch (Apply later)

Account Info

  • username: phucngo
  • pass: 070695

Ref doc



Google drive api



Url to test authorization

Authentication http://localhost:51316/auth?grant_type=password&client_id=59ee1ba3acf7c53bf4d2504c&username=phucngo&password=070695

Refresh token http://localhost:51316/api/token/auth?grant_type=refresh_token&client_id={client_id}&refresh_token={refresh_token}

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