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This is an Observable based abstraction over Geolocation API to use with Angular


If you do not have @ng-web-apis/common:

npm i @ng-web-apis/common

Now install the package:

npm i @ng-web-apis/geolocation

How to use


GeolocationService is an Observable, that emits Position object

Import service in your component:

import {GeolocationService} from '@ng-web-apis/geolocation';

constructor(private readonly geolocation$: GeolocationService) {}

Now, to observe user position, you can subscribe to geolocation$:

geolocation$.subscribe(position => doSomethingWithPosition(position));

If you need to get position just once and stop observing user location, you can subscribe to geolocation$ and use take(1) RxJs operator:

geolocation$.pipe(take(1)).subscribe(position => doSomethingWithPosition(position));

Or you can use async pipe to get position directly in template:

<div *ngIf="geolocation$ | async as position">

Service is cold, meaning if there are no active subscriptions, it doesn't track position.


The library also provides some tokens to simplify working with Geolocation API:

  • GEOLOCATION_SUPPORT returns true if user's browser supports Geolocation API
export class YourComponent {
        @Inject(GEOLOCATION_SUPPORT) private readonly geolocationSupport: boolean
    ) {}
  • You can provide PositionOptions through POSITION_OPTIONS token with optional properties named enableHighAccuracy, timeout and maximumAge. It uses {} by default.
  providers: [
            provide: POSITION_OPTIONS,
            useValue: {enableHighAccuracy: true, timeout: 3000, maximumAge: 1000},
export class AppModule {}

Browser support

IE / Edge
iOS Safari
9+ 3.5+ 5+ 5+ 3.2+


You can try online demo here

See also

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