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Ng-Matero Extensions

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The Ng-Matero Extensions is an extended component library for Angular Material.


Check out the demos and APIs.


At first, you should install the Angular Material and setup it. Learn more about the setup.

Install the Extensions library:

$ npm install @ng-matero/extensions --save


Once installed you need to import the main module:

import { MaterialExtensionsModule, MaterialExtensionsExperimentalModule } from '@ng-matero/extensions';

  imports: [MaterialExtensionsModule, MaterialExtensionsExperimentalModule, ...],
export class YourAppModule {

Alternatively you could only import modules you need, e.g. data-grid and select.

import { MtxGridModule } from '@ng-matero/extensions/grid';
import { MtxSelectModule } from '@ng-matero/extensions/select';

  imports: [MtxGridModule, MtxSelectModule, ...],
export class YourAppModule {


After import modules, you must define a theme. More details about theming.

@use '[email protected]/extensions' as mtx;

@include mtx.all-component-themes($theme);
@include mtx.all-experimental-component-themes($theme);

The @use-based Sass API is only available in the version 12.0.0 or above.



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