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Tools for building NEAR smart contracts in AssemblyScript
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Collection of packages used in developing NEAR smart contracts in AssemblyScript including:

  • runtime library - AssemblyScript near runtime library
  • bindgen - AssemblyScript transformer that adds the bindings needed to (de)serialize input and outputs.
  • near-mock-vm - Core of the NEAR VM compiled to WebAssembly used for running unit tests.
  • @as-pect/cli - AssemblyScript testing framework similar to jest.

To Install

yarn add -D near-sdk-as

Project Setup

To set up a AS project to compile with the sdk add the following asconfig.json file to the root:

  "extends": "near-sdk-as/asconfig.json"

Then if your main file is assembly/index.ts, then the project can be build with asbuild:

yarn asb

will create a release build and place it ./build/release/<name-in-package.json>.wasm

yarn asb --target debug

will create a debug build and place it in ./build/debug/..


Unit Testing

See the sdk's as-pect tests for an example of creating unit tests. Must be ending in .spec.ts in a assembly/__tests__.


near-sdk-as is distributed under the terms of both the MIT license and the Apache License (Version 2.0).


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