Near Api Js

JavaScript library to interact with NEAR Protocol via RPC API
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Project NameStarsDownloadsRepos Using ThisPackages Using ThisMost Recent CommitTotal ReleasesLatest ReleaseOpen IssuesLicenseLanguage
Go Ethereum44,6144313,3185 months ago672November 14, 2023331lgpl-3.0Go
Official Go implementation of the Ethereum protocol
Snarkos3,476275 months ago6August 27, 2020118apache-2.0Rust
A Decentralized Operating System for ZK Applications
Fisco Bcos2,245
5 months ago1October 13, 2023218apache-2.0Shell
FISCO BCOS(发音为/ˈfɪskl bi:ˈkɒz/)是一个稳定、高效、安全的许可区块链平台,已被广泛应用于现实的行业应用。截至目前,已拥有4000多家企事业单位,300多个行业数字标杆应用,涵盖文化版权、司法服务、政府服务、物联网、金融、智慧社区、房地产建设、社区治理、乡村振兴等领域。FISCO BCOS (pronounced /ˈfɪskl bi:ˈkɒz/) is a stable, efficient, and secure permissioned blockchain platform that has been widely used in real-world industry applications.
Nethereum2,100711605 months ago76November 21, 2023106mitC#
Ethereum .Net cross platform integration library
Solana Web3.js1,57792,2535 months ago855December 09, 2023105mitTypeScript
Solana JavaScript SDK
Btc Rpc Explorer1,33925 months ago25June 14, 202339mitJavaScript
Database-free, self-hosted Bitcoin explorer, via RPC to Bitcoin Core.
Api1,031527295 months ago3,250November 18, 202352apache-2.0TypeScript
Promise and RxJS APIs around Polkadot and Substrate based chains via RPC calls. It is dynamically generated based on what the Substrate runtime provides in terms of metadata.
Awesome List Rpc Nodes Providers746
7 months ago246
A curated list of awesome Node providers and public RPC endpoints for Ethereum, BSC, Gnosis (xDAI), Fantom, Avalanche, KuCoin, Fuse, Harmony, Tezos, IoTeX, Arbitrum, Optimism and more :)
Solana Py714275 months ago65June 22, 202255mitPython
Solana Python SDK
Ethereum.rb6792782 years ago25March 18, 2020mitRuby
Ethereum library for the Ruby language
Alternatives To Near Api Js
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