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VisualActivityViewController Preview


This project provides a preview of items being shared via UIActivityViewController. Example:

// standard activity view controller
let vc = UIActivityViewController(activityItems: [shareText])

// custom activity view controller with a preview 
let vc = VisualActivityViewController(text: shareText)


  • Text, Image, and URL previewing
  • Swipe gesture to dismiss the share sheet
  • Easy customization (match your app’s style)


  • iOS 9.0+
  • Xcode 9.0+


To install, simply add the VisualActivityViewController.swift file to your project.

Advanced Usage

There are quite a few different options to customize the appearance of the preview. Check out the example project to see how some of these options work.

/// The duration for the preview fading in
var fadeInDuration: TimeInterval = 0.3

/// The duration for the preview fading out
var fadeOutDuration: TimeInterval = 0.3

/// The corner radius of the preview
var previewCornerRadius: CGFloat = 12

/// The corner radius of the preview image
var previewImageCornerRadius: CGFloat = 3

/// The side length of the preview image
var previewImageSideLength: CGFloat = 80

/// The padding around the preview
var previewPadding: CGFloat = 12

/// The number of lines to preview
var previewNumberOfLines: Int = 5

/// The preview color for URL activity items
var previewLinkColor: UIColor = UIColor(red: 0, green: 0.47, blue: 1, alpha: 1)

/// The font for the preview label
var previewFont: UIFont = UIFont.systemFont(ofSize: 18)

/// The margin from the top of the viewController's window
var previewTopMargin: CGFloat = 8

/// The margin from the top of the viewController's view
var previewBottomMargin: CGFloat = 8


This project is available under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more info.

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