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Tensorflow + Go, the gopher way
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Interactive viewer for graphs written in Graphviz's dot language.
Go Graphviz4644914 hours ago12March 19, 202223mitGo
Go bindings for Graphviz
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Automatic differentiation with weighted finite-state transducers.
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OCaml bindings for TensorFlow
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Python binding of SLAM graph optimization framework g2o
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Graph-based Approximate Nearest Neighbor Search
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Erlang binding for 0MQ (v2)
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Binding and wrapper generator for C/C++ libraries
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Dart bindings for Tensorflow.
Alternatives To Imageflow_ex
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Elixir bindings for Imageflow, a safe and blazing fast image workflow library.


Add the package to your mix.exs:

def deps do
    {:imageflow, "~> 0.4.1"}


There are two main ways of using imageflow_ex:

  • Imageflow.Graph, which is the high-level graph-like API, inspired by Imageflow.NET
  • Imageflow.Native which provides lower-level access to Rust binding. Shouldn't be needed unless you need really specific features which aren't yet implemented in the Graph API (but please open an issue so the API can evolve).

Using the Graph API allows you to create processing pipelines to process your images:

alias Imageflow.Graph
|> Graph.decode_file("input.png")     # read input.png
|> Graph.constrain(200, 200)          # constrain image to 200x200
|> Graph.saturation(0.5)              # set saturation to 0.5 (-1..1 range)
|> Graph.encode_to_file("output.png") # specify output file
|>                        # run the job

Low-level API

This provides direct access to NIF bindings. You probably don't need this, unless you're relying on APIs that are not yet supported by the Graph API (please submit an issue).

Check Imageflow.Native for documentation and examples.


Feel free to contribute. Either by opening an issue, a Pull Request, or contacting the author directly

If you found a bug, please open an issue. You can also open a PR for bugs or new features. PRs will be reviewed and subject to our style guide and linters.


This project was developed by Miguel Palhas, and is published under the ISC license.

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