Awesome Open Source
Awesome Open Source


1. Install Anaconda

Anaconda is the preferred method of installing DeepFaceLab on Linux. Just follow the tutorial.

2. Install System Dependencies

You will need FFMpeg, Git, and the most recent NVIDIA driver for your system to use this project.

If you are here, then you already have everything...

3. Install DeepFaceLab

Just run it in the terminal.

Check latest cudnn and cudatoolkit version for your GPU device.

 conda create -n deepfacelab -c main python=3.7 cudnn=7.6.5 cudatoolkit=10.1.243
 conda activate deepfacelab
 git clone --depth 1
 cd DeepFaceLab_Linux
 git clone --depth 1
 python -m pip install -r ./DeepFaceLab/requirements-cuda.txt

4. Download Pretrain (optional)

Use script 4.1 from the scripts directory.

Or download manually




5. Navigate to the scripts directory and begin using DeepFaceLab_Linux :

Run all scripts with BASH shell



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